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News about the Dhammakaya foundation and its activities

Meditation for Locals, Seattle Meditation Center, WA

Seattle Meditation Center in USA organized a meditation class for English speakers on Tuesday October 2nd 2018. The class started with the teaching monk explaining the Dhammakaya Meditation method to the new comers and the benefits of meditation for daily life. After that, all participants meditated together for about 40 minutes. All participants were happy […]

Dharma Lecture and Meditation for Locals, Local Colleges, AL

Phra Maha Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro from Dhammakaya International Meditation Center (D.I.M.C.) lectured dharma and introduced meditation in Alabama, USA, for September 12–16, 2018. September 12, 2018:  The teaching monk taught dharma on decision making strategies by meditation for students and teachers of Concentration & Consciousness Club of South Alabama University. September 13, 2018: The teaching […]

Meditation for Local, Clifton M Brakensiek Library, CA

On September 29, 2018, Panadda Thanasuansan invited Ven. Dr Phra Nicholas Thanissaro from Dhammakaya International Meditation Center, Azusa to teach meditation to her co-workers from LA County Public Social Services. The meditation class took place at the community room at Clifton M. Brakensiek Library in Bellflower. Thirty-seven participants attended a talk about meditation for beginners […]

Meditation for Locals, Seattle Meditation Center,WA

The meditation class for locals at Seattle Meditation Center in Seattle, Washington, USA took place on Thursday September 13th 2018. It started with a short Dharma talk by the teaching monk about the importance of the Meditation and the benefits of meditation for daily life. After that, all participants practiced meditation together for about 45 […]

Meditation for World Peace, Seoul, South Korea

Buddhist Television Network (BTN), Korea, broadcast the news of Wat Bhavana Seoul and Wat Taewonaum praying and meditating together for peace.  From September 9–13, 2018, Phrapalad Suksan Suksanto led the other monks and laypeople of Wat Bhavana Seoul to arrange a special meditation retreat at Wat Taewonaum, located on the Southern Korean Island by the […]

Fanny Wood Day 2018, Fanwood, NJ

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, the locals and Dhammakaya International Meditation Center of New Jersey (D.I.M.C.N.J) invited the Fanwood attendees of the Fanny Wood Day to join the Candle Light for World Peace Activity which will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2018.  They also invited them to attend other activities such as the Basic […]