Bangkok: Another Day

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Standing on top of a hotel balcony, Amy072 says she had an amazing view of the Alms Offering Ceremony in Bangkok on July 7. The ceremony was held to mark the 2,600th anniversary of the enlightenment of Buddha. “The line of monks seemed never ending and it was nice to see robes of different colors such as bright orange, deep orange, brown, or maroon to represent the different types of Buddhism and where the monks are from,” she says. “Everyone was very happy. Thailand is known as “the land of smiles” and smiling faces were everywhere!”
Anika3, CNN iReport producer

Another day, another week, another month for yet another epic event to take place in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the Alms Offering Ceremony to 12,600 monks from temples in 77 provinces all over Thailand.

In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, in front of the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall thousands of people, monks, and a robot gathered together for an Alms Offering Ceremony. We had the priviledge of having the Govenor of Bangkok, Mr. Sukhumbhand Paribatra being the chairsman of this ceremony.

In order to capture the overview of the ceremony, I had to stand in the balcony of a hotel room. If you didn’t catch it, the cool thing about this event is that even Spiderman thinks its amazing! (the poster hanging on the side of the wall pf Terminal 21)

The line of 12,600 monks and thousands of people stretched for 1km. We had to close down the 10 lane street to hold this ceremony. Usually this street is very busy filled with thais, foreigners, and cars since it is one of the main streets in the center of Bangkok.

It was great to see this ceremony take place and to see the latest innovation of a robot participating in this event as well. Im looking foward to witnessing and sharing more epic events that take place here in Bangkok, Thailand!

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