The outer shell of the Cetiya is now decorated with 300,000 Buddha statues: on the hemispherical dome and the spherical terrace. The work-in-progress interior is being decorated with another 700,000 Buddha statues.

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It is the world ‘s largest Buddhist monument where 300,000 Buddha images are enshrined on the exterior dome and an additional 700,000 Buddha images on the inside.

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A teacher whom could teach us the essential way to manage our life in a proper manner.
Hence, by guiding us towards seeking for the true Happiness in Life through Meditation.

International Dhammadayada Ordination Program

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Throughout all these years,we have always organize numerous activities in our year plan.
In order to, for the individual or group who interest in these activities,
visit or join us with the activity that you interested.




A program for visitors who want to experience living a simple life within a modern Buddhist Temple in Thailand, learning basic meditation and further experience in Buddhist culture in modern day.

Join now at Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Thailand.