Ordination of 1,000 Novices at Borobudur-Indonesia

Ordination of 1,000 Novices at Borobudur-Indonesia

From 16 to 28 December 2023, the Indonesian government coordinated with the Union of Thai Sanghas in Indonesia-Africa, Majelis Agama Buddha Mahanikaya Indonesia (MBMI) and the network organizations, organized the mass ordination of 1000 novices at Borobudur, Indonesia. Indonesia aims to seize this opportunity to provide locals with a chance to learn the Buddha’s teachings. Additionally, this event also nurtures Buddhism heir through the trainings following the threefold training of Buddhism (precept, concentration and wisdom) and the 5 factors of Universal Goodness (cleanliness, orderliness, politeness, punctuality and meditation practice).

This year marks the second year of the ordination of novices, with over 500 participants. The President of the association of Maha Nikaya was invited to officiate the opening ceremony.

After everything was set, the ordination ceremony took place on 19 December 2023. Phra Phrom Wachirapanyachan (Thongdee Suratecho), the Abbot of Wat Ratcha Orasaram Ratchaworawihan, the Sangha Chairman of the Eighth Region in Thailand, graciously presided over the ceremony. On the following day, a celebratory alms offering ceremony for the newly ordained novices was held at the Borobudur.

After that, a ceremony was held in front of the Borobudur, where over 500 novices offered alms to the monastic community and lighted candles in honor to the Buddha. The event was chaired by the team of Mr. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. Many distinguished guests also graced the occasion with their presence and took part in this act of generosity.

In addition, novices embarked on a 10-kilometer pilgrimage from Ngawen Temple to the Borobudur, practicing walking meditation along the way.

During this period, novices had the opportunity to learn Buddhist principles from various teaching monks, such as the law of karma and the life of Buddha. Moreover, whenever they encountered difficulties during their meditation practice, the teaching monks would provide guidance and help them attain inner happiness through meditation.

From this, it can be seen that this event not only revitalizes Borobudur, but also through the means of Dharma propagation, turns it into a pilgrimage for Buddhists worldwide.

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