Offering Flowers to Start the Buddhist Lent in Thailand

CNN PRODUCER NOTE Amy072 had the opportunity to photograph the start of Buddhist Lent in Saraburi province, Thailand. Buddhist Lent, otherwise known as Khao Phansa in Thai, takes place for three lunar cycles and it is a time where monks stay in the temples and meditate intensely, she says. She says a highlight of the event is seeing people offer flowers as alms.

But she learned later on that monk dean of Saraburi, Phradej Phrakhun Phradhammapiduk, encouraged people to also give nonperishable goods so that they can be given to those who were suffering from hardship in other provinces in Thailand. She says during the ceremony, people offered a specific flower for alms known as the Dancing Lady Ginger, which she says is native to Thailand and Vietnam. – Jareen, CNN iReport producer (Read More)

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