We are committed to promote World Peace through Inner Peace

Dhammakaya Foundation

The extension of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya, which is 791 acres, was acquired in the name of the Dhammakaya Foundation, using the funds from followers who donated to the temple to expand the temple’s public area. This new public area’s purpose was to provide a peaceful sanctuary to facilitate meditation teachings, Buddhist events, and monastic ceremonies.

The extended land has been used for the propagation of Buddhism since the year 2528 B.E.(1985) By the year 2542 B.E.(1999), over 100,000 people came to attend each special Buddhist ceremonies. Today, the number is still growing rapidly, and the Sapa Dhammakaya, which once seemed large, often became even too small for many events.

The Dhammakaya Foundation has used the 791 acres for many public and peace events. For example, mass ordination programs, meditation retreats, youth moral festivals, Light of Peace ceremonies, and many more each year. The facilities can house up to 1,000,000 people each event, so it has been a very beneficial facility used for local gatherings, international gatherings, and peace advocacy events.

Milestones of Dhammakaya Foundation

Since August 2529 B.E.(1986) the Dhammakaya Foundation has become the United Nations-accredited Non-Governmental Organization associated with the Department Public Information (DPI) and has since that date sent delegates to the Annual DPI/NGO Conference of the United Nations.In February 2542 B.E.(1999) the Dhammakaya Foundation has been participating in the Millennium People’s Assembly Network called for by the United Nations Secretary General. Kofi Annan.

On Earth day April 22, 2542 B.E.(1999) the Dhammakaya Foundation supported the promotion of 2000 International Year for the Culture of Peace which is proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. A hundred thousand Buddhist monks and novices have participated the ethic contest organized for support the culture of peace educational program. On the same occasion, thousands of temple followers have signed the Commitment for Culture of Peace. The Commitment is drafted by a group of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates which UNESCO is the focal point, and in response to an appeal signed by all the Nobel Peace Laureates -the first decade of the next millennium -the years 2544-2553 B.E.(2001-2010) -as the “International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World”.

The Dhammakaya Foundation has also demonstrated an co-operative participation in the seventy-two hours Interfaith Peace Building Project of the United Religions initiative in order to play an important role as a living pledge to a new and more hopeful future for all people. The programme will be held on from December 31, 2542 B.E.(1999) to January 2, 2543 B.E.(2000). Hundred thousand of people will participate in meditation and illuminate the Light of Peace of the Millennium.

During May 11-15, 2542 B.E.(1999), the Dhammakaya Foundation has sent 13 representatives to participate the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, which is the largest international peace conference in history. Over 9,000 activists, government representatives and community leaders from over 100 countries attended the conference workshops and round tables mechanisms for abolishing war and creating a culture of peace in the 21st century. The Dhammakaya Foundation also organized 3 sessions of Global Meetings on Meditation to provide interested participants in seeking the real peace from within.


The home for one million Buddha images


For mass gathering and meditation practice activities


Recollection the greatness of Luang Pu Wat Paknam


Commemorate the founder of Wat Phra Dhammakaya


The meditation sanctuary for a million people


The center for coordinating world peace activities