11th Dhammayatra | 2023 Jan 11

On Wednesday, January 11th , 2023, 11th Dhammayatra Project. The Candle Lighting Ceremony in homage to the Lord Buddha and Phramongkolthepmuni in recollecting of the Great Master Phra Mongkolthepmuni, (Sodh Candasaro)’s initial vow of lifelong ordination site. At Phramongkolthepmuni Memorial Hall (Bang Nang Taan Canal), Nakhon Pathom Province.

Today of the Dhammayatra procession involving more than a thousand monks. We are paying homage to the location where Luang Pu made a lifelong ordination vow, here at Khlong Bang Nang Taen in Nakhon Pathom Province which is an important place on the route of the Great Master, Phra Mongkolthepmuni, Sod Candsaro.

Place of the Lifelong Ordination Vow : Nang Thaen Canal in Sampran, Nakorn Pathom.

It can be said that there are only a few individuals who can resolutely decide to ordain as a monk for the rest of their life, because sentient beings are normally bound by defilements, especially those related to lust and desire, that imprison them to the endless cycle of rebirth. But those who are endowed with enough merit to comprehend the perils of family life will recognize the importance of renouncing the world and possess the willpower to live a monastic life that is free from sense desire.

From now on, I would invite everyone to join the event to welcome Dhammayatra monks by bringing the hands to a lotus position and saying “sadhu,” allowing for u to feel as if we were attending the event in person.

Photo by : Blogspot https://photoofdays.blogspot.com/2023/01/11-02.html

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