Meditation and Wisdom

The Lord Buddha’s Teachings are about Truth which can be personally proven. Such universal Truth as discovered by the Lord Buddha applies to every human being regardless of his social class, gender, age, race or creed. Every person has the ready ability to learn it and apply it to his daily life. Whoever practices the Lord Buddha’s Teachings will be able to witness noticeable self-improvement as well as life-improvement.

The practice of such universal knowledge as the Lord Buddha’s Teachings has the ability to significantly improve the quality of one’s mentality and spirituality. When the quality of one’s heart and mind is improved, one can not only live a truly worthwhile and happy life but also be a model human being. One becomes the center of positive energy and purity. One is in the position to pass on all kinds of wholesomeness to those around him. One will be able to inspire others in the community to be good and decent. From the community level, goodness and decency can spread to wider circles domestically, internationally, and eventually globally. Worldwide goodness and decency is the basis for world peace.

Master Teaching

The teachings of Wat Phra Dhammakaya are garnered from the Lord Buddha’s Teachings in that they emphasize mental and spiritual self-training and self-development. Whoever learns these Dhamma Principles and applies them to his daily life will witness a noticeable change in his life for the better in terms of good physical health, good mental health, and the ability to make right and timely decisions. He will witness increased effectiveness at work, improved familial relationship, improved social relationship, and most importantly, an increased level of happiness.

Initially, the two main objectives of establishing the temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya are :-

• Continue enjoy the happiness rises from the serenity and tranquility of the mind through practice meditation. And also interested in further study the true inner wisdom within.

• To propagate the techniques of the Dhammakaya Meditation worldwide. In order for every human beings regardless of races, nationality and religious could attain the body of enlightenment within themselves. The acknowledge of this technique and practice it persistently , enable oneself to access the source of infinite happiness and wisdom within every individuals internally.

To correlate the wisdom recorded in the ancient literatures of Buddhism with the daily life activities of lay people. Enable them to be effectively practice and perform their daily life activities simultaneously. Example, the introduction of 5 ways of practicing the Universal Goodness (UG5). Which have also infuse the essential factor of practicing meditation.

Through the intention of asking for forgiveness from her late father as a farmer’s daughter without any formal education. She have started the journey seeking and practice of the Dhammakaya Meditation techniques with the grand master- Luang Pu Wat Paknam at Wat Paknam as a nun. And eventually, with the acknowledges and wisdoms gain from the practice of the Dhammakaya Meditation .She was able to build up Wat Phra Dhammakaya with the initial fund of only ฿ 3,200 baht then. 


Meditation refers to stopping one’s mind. An unrest mind is a weak mind. When a mind is at rest, it becomes powerful, like how a focus of sunlight can ignite a flame. Meditation is for humans of all nationalities, languages, genders and generations. Everyone can meditate.

Meditation should be practiced regularly. It should be treated like a necessary and important activity in life. When you do so, you would face with happiness and success in life. When you are the center of happiness, peace would be expanded to others in your family, society, country, and eventually creating world peace.