Meditation Retreat Programs

Discovering Your True Happiness Within

The Various Choices of Meditation Programs

Dhammakaya Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be conducting four special meditation programs in comfortable and picturesque locales surrounded by nature under the direct guidance of highly-experienced instructors.

Make the time to step out of your daily routine. Give yourself a unique occasion to reflect and be restored by the beauty and tranquility of nature. This is your chance to truly relax and search for the real meaning of your life.

The Middle Way Meditation

The Middle Way Meditation retreats are designed for international people who are new to the practice or those who would like to hide away from hectic lifestyle and cultivate their own inner peace. The retreat program was put together for foreigners who love inner peace to have the opportunity to practice the fundamentals of meditation and have a chance to learn Dhamma, that universal for all and put it to use to benefit their daily lives.

At the retreat, the participants were trained to meditate and learn the principles of Universal Goodness. They also learned valuable Buddhist cultures such as paying respect to monks, wiping and cleaning dishes thoroughly, and placing shoes in an orderly row. Everyone could adapt such knowledge into their daily lives in their own countries. The teaching monks also taught Dhamma suitable for the occasion to help the participants progress in their meditation.

Moreover, this program offered a variety of special activities including yoga, soap bubble blowing, offering food to the monks, and sharing meditation obstacles and experiences . The teaching monk kindly gave advice and solutions to obstacles and provided techniques to allow participants to progress in their meditation. Each participant was able to improve their meditation. 

For upcoming retreats, please visit: or call (+66) 82 3333-082.

Papae Meditation Retreat

Papae Meditation Retreat offers a regular 3 days meditation introduction retreat.

Comfort is a main principle for the practice. Accommodation is developed for international spiritual comfortable standard such as good ventilation, personal space, warm water, comfortable thin bedsheet, etc.

For upcoming retreats, please visit: or call (+66) 81 764 2417.

Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat

Join us for this Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat in beautiful Pai, Thailand.

Experience a simple and authentic way to better your moment, your day, and your life!

Our retreats are taking place in Pai, a quiet and serene meditation venue located at one of the most beautiful places in Mae Hong Son, North of Thailand.
Besides resting your mind, there is a hot mineral spring pool where you can soak and relax your body.

There are individual cottages with bathrooms for all participants. The spaces are limited to only 25 people per retreat.

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice meditation with our tutoring monks. Our DMR’s tutoring monks are one of a kind. Their teaching styles are simple yet profound. Their knowledge and expertise will help guide us to a deeper level of inner peace.

Especially in December, there will be a special night which we will release paper lanterns into the sky.
We release these lanterns as tokens of worship to the Buddha and to remind ourselves about his teachings of “Doing good, avoid bad and purify our mind”, an important concept in Buddhism.

Come and recharge your body & mind.

Join us and let’s experience inner peace together!

What Makes Our Retreat Special

What sets the Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat apart is its simplicity and effectiveness.
Under the guidance of our teaching monks, the participants who follow along can achieve inner peace within a few days.
You will be relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!
Not to mention, our meditation technique can be applied anywhere, anytime. It is truly a game changer for a stress-free life!

Pai International Meditation Center,

Pai, located 111 km. from Mae Hong Son, is a quiet, relaxed little town set amid superb scenery and popular as a base for exploring the natural attractions of the area.

Enclosed in a lofty mountain range, the Pai district is endowed with many forms of natural wonders such as waterfalls, gorges, caves, and hot springs.

The famous destination for adventurous travellers is Pai River, the longest river in Mae Hong Son which welcomes its visitors with a series of rapids dancing along its scenic gorges.

The address of our venue is 175 Moo 2, Ban Pong Ron Road Mae Hi Amphoe Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130

For more information please visit : or contact WhatsApp (+66) 94 858 6615.