Myanmar devotees gather organize the offering Monk Robe Ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand

On 18 Nov’2018, about two thousands Myanmar devotees gather at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand organizing a Monk robe offering ceremony, wishing for world peace. At the same time, offering to the Lord Buddha, and the Dhammakaya Cetiya with one million Lord Buddhas. At the same time, let their mind stay within the field of merits, hence fill their life with auspicious and brightness. And also blessing the world with peace and happiness. To lay the foundations in future to attain the Dhamma-cakkhu of oneself and all beings. Venerable Twante Sayadaw and Venerable Phra Maha Songkiat have given sermons to the Myanmar devotees with compassion. In order for them to be reflective and always be mindful. The true and everlasting world peace is always the goal of mankind.

If one with a purify mind, perform offering to the Sangha, the merits gain is incredible. Today, many with a beautiful and kind mind gather here, love in perform good deeds. It is indeed a great thing happen in the world.

Come into the temple purify our mind, let the state of our mind be stillness, not influence by the external environments, and able to maintain a serenity and peaceful mind to engage our life.

Only if we could deeply experience it, and with correct method to practice yet balance our body and mind. We could discover our own inner happiness, and could be sure that it is the true happiness. When humankind meet their “true happiness”. They will realize the value of self–existence and the meaning of life, hence sustain the correct and wonderful life style. Only till the entire mankind could attain their permanent inner peace. The true world peace will be realize then.

When you gentle close your eye, it is the real beginning on the journey of life. Let relax both the body and mind, feel the bright sun within you. This is true starting point on the journey of our life, eventually you will achieve the — eternal happiness.

Generosity is the kind of blissfulness that emit from within us.

By cordially invite these monk robes together and offer them to the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhism Propagation Fund for their branches around the whole. This allow the individual branches able to be more convenient and smoothly service their local public.

When our mind are bright from within, this brightness will spread and emit out. From one individual expand to their home, workplace and toward every corners of the society, eventually the whole world will be brighten out too.

A man of true wisdom, will always doing good deeds and accumulate merits. Which they will be bliss in sea of merits, because performing good deeds will bring unlimited happiness for the doers.

If these pictures of activities on performing good deeds are all over the whole. We believe all disputes happen in the world will be cease. The society will live with harmonious, peace and healthiness. This is also the common goal and dream for everyone.

This Pagoda with one million Lord Buddhas, are the collective efforts from the gathering of tens of thousands of devotees. Till today, numerous visitors came to pay homage, searching for their own peacefulness and faith.

Various newness merits tree and merits Buddha image were embellished with bank notes. After they use bank notes to form up various styles, and offer it to the temple. This is unique way of offering by the Myanmar, is to show their faithfulness and gratefulness towards the Lord Buddha. Because the Sakyamuni Buddha have pointed out the right path in the extrication of samsara and suffering for all living beings.

Monks is main element of the Buddhism Triple Gem, they shoulder the duty on prolong the life span of Buddhism, will propagate the teaching of the Lord Buddha throughout the world. In order, the laypeople could be blessed by it and correctly guided to maintain their quality in life.

Only when we are able to deeply experience and practice it with the correct method, in order to balance the state of our body and mind. When mankind meet the real happiness, they will realize that the true value of our existence and life. Hence, could live in the correct yet wonderful way of our life. And only when all mankind could attained the permanent inner peace, the world peace could be realize.

When we have brightness within us. It will emit out, from the tiny world of ours, begin from our home, work place, every corners of society and till the whole world, all will be brighten up by it too.

With sincerity, we call a upon all four main groups within Buddhism be united as one, to support Buddhism, Dharma, Sangha and let the teaching of Lord Buddha could perpetuate.

The boundary of Dhamma is limitless, let propagate together.


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