The 2nd AEC International Short-Term Ordination Ceremony

On 11Nov 2018, the 2nd AEC International Short-Term Ordination Ceremony was held at Thailand Wat Phra Dhammakya. This round the participants came from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. Here, let’s review the pictures of these precious & inspire moments on that day, at the same time rejoice their merits too.  Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

The feeling of rich in blissfulness couldn’t be express by any languages, this gained of happiness surpass any happiness that we knew of, this blissfulness emit from the deeper level within. Which will not be disappear.

In the cooling morning, the Dhammadayada holding the lotus surrounding the Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya with a million Buddha ,represent the sacred spot for the Triple Gem of Buddhism. They decided to ordain as a Buddhist Monk, in order to train themselves and study the Dhrama.

The supporters of this activity,together with the parent, relatives of the participants joining the clockwise circulating walk around the Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya.

The short term Ordination is the way of the modern Buddhism, arrange for the layman to have the opportunities to experience the life with serenity and humble as a Buddhism Monk, which also let the laypeople have a right understand in term of the current Buddhism way of propagation.

Lighting of incense offering to the Lord Buddha, wishing that the Buddha teaching would unlock the wisdom within every individual, hence guiding everyone toward the path of brightness.

In Buddhism,ordain as a “monk”,beside learning the ways of attain extrication and spreading it .It also include the role in sustain and propagate the Buddha teachings (Sangha). And together with the gem of the “ Buddha” ,”Dharma” .It is called the “Triple Gem”.

In Buddhism, Sangha is the core unit holding the main responsibility on the continuation of the life span for Buddhism.

Today is the auspicious day, which also the day the parents are looking forward, could offer the monk robe and bowl to the Dhammadayada personally. They will don the scared robe that representing the Arahant, upon that a layman is perfectly transform into a right dignified monk.

All the men who going to become a monk, will kneel down toward their parents and relatives, and bid farewell to them. Their parents and relatives will accept their farewell by putting their palms together.

May the Dharma infuse into everyone mind, and fill it with blissfulness and happiness.

If we love ourselves, we should delight in the practice. These practicing will lead us toward attain the true dependence within, during the present, moment of death, after life, reborn, throughout the existing life course till the ultimate of Dharma.

The main shrine hall is the place organizing the ceremony of initiates into monkhood. According to the precepts stipulation, the preceptees should be ordain within the main shrine Hall boundary, not outside it. Therefore, the main shrine hall is also the sacred place that individual could elevate into a higher state of ourselves.  It is also a special place for a mortal man to perform total transformation into a monk.

Short-term ordination is a form of moral training and personality development. The temple often organize this type of short-term ordination program, in order for the public to have an opportunity to perform self-reflection, establish our moral personality, develop your own manners in life. In particular, in term of the great virtue of the respectable senior monks, could become our role model, being respect, as good example. Which all these will benefit our whole life.

When donning on the monk robe representing the victory flag of arahant. They have become the member in extending the life span of Buddhism.

If we could meet a good teacher,it is consider the luckiest thing that happen in our life. Especially in term of whom could guide and teach us the way toward the path of brightness. Before the ordination they could listen the guidance in Dharma from the preceptor.

In the process of the ordination ceremony, there are 20 or more senior monks present as their witness.

It like the bird that leaving their branch nest, without concerns and attainment, live a sacred life, searching the path toward Nirvana. With only three sets of monk robe. Whether awaking or not, the mind is moisture with blissfulness all the time. The eight pieces of monk utensils being their only belongings. They depends on the offerings of foods from the devotee to nutritious their physical body. Endure hunger, hardship and study the scriptures diligently, wander far and wide, practice devotedly. Love the Buddha teachings more than their life. Detachment reincarnation, subdue the evil.


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