Marievangsskolen School Students Visit

Students of Marievangsskolen School went to Wat PhraDhammakaya Korsør Lystskov, Denmark, to learn meditation and Buddhist Customs on Friday November 16, 2018. When the students and teachers arrived at the temple, they were given an orientation on respecting the Triple Gems, bowing,and how to meditate.  After that, the students watched a video to understand Buddhism more.  Then, the teaching monk led them to chant to worship the Triple Gems and meditation. Next, the teaching monk answered their questions about Buddhism and meditation.

The students learned the Buddhist Customs through meritorious acts such as the ceremonies of offering saffron robe sets, the Morning Alms Round, offering meals, pouring water to dedicate merit to the deceased relatives, receiving the blessing, and gilding gold sheets on the Crystal of Fulfillment.

After that, the students toured the temple, watched the exhibition of Buddha’s history, and had lunch together.

The students were impressed with this field trip.

Natasia Larsen said that she thought that Buddhism is an interesting religion and meditation made her relaxed and peaceful.

Anna Ladehoff revealed that she learned many things about the Buddha and she did not realize that the meditation was a good thing until she had meditated on that day.

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