This 17-Minute Chanting Can Boost Your Happiness


What do you do when stress gets in the way when you are trying to reach your goals? Stop or keep going? Stress can often make the road to success unpleasant. However, paving your way towards success is much easier now than it was before. Recent scientific studies have found a magic wand to boost your happiness and reduce your stress. Daily chanting is one of the ways to make your road to success smoother, easier, and much more enjoyable.

Why this 17-minute chanting?

Venerable Dr. Guang Xing, visiting professor in Buddhism and Contemporary Society at the University of British Columbia, mentions that there are many forms of meditation, and chanting is one of them.  It increases happiness by uplifting positive emotion, and reducing stress & depression. The Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Dhammajak) is a famous sermon that anyone can chant. This is the Buddha’s first teaching, each round takes about 17-minutes to chant. Dhammajak is meaningful and universal, and can be chanted by people of any faith regardless of age or gender. Subtitles are transliterated in many languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, Thai, and several others.

Try Dhammajak chanting

There are many ways to get the scripts to chant the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. Here are 3 of the most convenient ways.

  1. Chant individually anywhere using video clips
  2. Chant together in group at a nearby temple
  3. Download the free Dhammajak application on your phone
    1. iOS:
    2. Android:

Make it fun, but effective

Chanting does not require extra time or preparation to do; you can simply integrate it into your daily life in a fun and easy way – while going to work, waiting for the bus, standing in a line at a supermarket or any other activity you see fit. Keep a record of your chants and let us know how many you can do by sending the number of rounds you chant daily via Feel free to experiment with different places and activities to do while chanting and let us know about them to inspire others on their road to success, free from daily stress.




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