Your Search has Come to An End: Vesak Day at Wat Phra Dhammakaya


We are in a search, searching for what we may not know, or maybe, have a little idea of what it is.

Searching, striving, cultivating, progressing…. Everyone is in a journey. But just why do we have to be born amidst such pain? Why do we have to get sick, get old, die miserably and claim to have lived? Why? Your mind may probably be going to obvious answers the society has always taught you… “It’s the way the world is, or God has the answers, or I don’t know!”

Actually, not knowing is a good sign that perhaps, we need to start finding out what it means to be human, alive, in this world. Like, really find out!

While most of us do not pay attention to the core of living and why we even exist, a Prince Siddhartha, back over 2500 years ago, in an Indian palace, having lived a better part of his early life in lavish provisions, discovered the suffering side of life.

His instincts and motivation drove him out of the palace to a quest few took. Through self-mortification, an earlier lavish lifestyle and inner self retrospection, the prince went through his search diligently trying new methods and adapting to every circumstances.

At one point, having tried both extremes of self-torture and lavish lifestyle, he remembered a state of calm he had experienced in early childhood, when he strived for nothing, but a balance…The Middle Way.

In meditation, right at the center of it all, he meets with forces of ill will that try to dissuade him from this blissful state and through that night, he maintains calm, stillness at the center, under the Bodhi tree, on a full moon.

The following morning, as is recorded, having surpassed all tribulations of the night, and defilements gone, the prince ceases to be a prince no more. He identifies neither with the status, nor the names as his awakened self-embodies the name of the Buddha… the awakened.

Several years have passed yet Buddhist worldwide still identify with this memorable Buddha’s birth anniversary coinciding with the Roman calendar between April and May each year… the Vesakha’ Puhja Day.

At Wat Phra Dhammakaya, this day is marked with a community meditation and Dhammacakkapavatana Sutta chanting process, the devotees come to pay homage to the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) and often, they rejoice in the Dhamma (teachings of the Lord Buddha). As a Middle way practice, everyone is urged to practice an act of kindness such as releasing the fish, enslaved animals as a sign of liberation. The white dress code of this day is symbolic of the purity. Every devotee strives to attain through constant mental discipline and everyone makes the commitment to keep the eight precepts.

If you are still searching, on Vesak day, you are reminded that the search is over, as we all create a commitment to look within ourselves to discover deep true happiness, bring this happiness to others, pay homage to the Buddha, noting that just like him, we all have the capacity within us to attain purity of mind and an awakening to Nirvana.

Join us today! to practice of morality, simplicity and humility in observance of the awakening of the Buddha. Your search has come to an end.

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