10 Benefits of Chanting Buddha’s First Teaching

Buddha’s first teaching is commonly known  as “Dhammacakkappavatana Sutta” or “Dhammachak. Here are the 10 benefits you can gain when you keep up the chant.

1) Soothe & Calm the Mind: The holy passages contained in this Sutta have the power to soothe, calm and ready the mind for meditation.

2) Purify the Mind: When we chant the Sutta with total presence, our act of chanting then resembles meditation, which cleanses and purifies the mind. Taints and flaws of our mind will begin to be removed.

3) Spiritual Connection: We are spiritually one with the Buddha when we chant the Sutta with respect, undivided attention and appreciation for his virtues and unconditional love for humanity. It is as if we are having an audience with the Buddha.

4) Enlightenment: Chanting the Sutta reminds us of the core teachings of the Buddha, which leads to liberation from suffering and attainment of Nibbāna.

5) Everyday Wisdom: The daily chanting of the Sutta in the evening and/or morning helps us to realize if what we did or what we plan to do will lead to the end of suffering or cause more suffering.

6) Honor: As we chant, we are also making the merit of honoring the Buddha. Thus, we shall be blessed with honor.

7) Pleasant voice: As we chant, we are using our voice to express his virtues. Thus, we shall be blessed with a pleasant voice.

8) Blessed and Protected: Every time we chant the Sutta, our mind will be blessed. Our mouth will be blessed. Our ears will be blessed. All of our physical body will become auspiciously blessed.

9) Dispel “Bad Luck”: Negative karmic retributions that have followed us through existences as results of our unwholesome deeds will be rectified and diluted. Strong ones will become weak and weak ones will cease to take effect.

10) Draw “Good Fortune”: The purity of our mind resulting from the Sutta chanting will accelerate the fruits of good deeds and draw positive circumstances into our lives.

English Transliteration of Dhammachak Chanting


English Translation of Dhammachak Chanting

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