Phra Sander Khemmadhammo went to spread dharma in Cyprus

On November 18th – 22nd 2016 Phra Sander Khemmadhammo went to spread dharma in Cyprus for the first time. In this journey, the teaching monk led the following three groups to meditate:

  1. A group of 8 general people: the class was held at the residence in Episkopi
  2. A group of 5 yoga practitioners: the class was arranged at the Yoga Center in Episkopi
  3. A group of 15 yoga practitioners: the class was organized at Vedanta Yoga Center in Limassol


The teaching monk introduced general meditation, led them to meditate for about 30 minutes, and explained about the importance of the self-control practice.  The trainees were very impressed.  One of them is Finnish and lives in Cyprus.  He was faithful and came to offer many meals. Moreover, we made a good relationship by visiting  the Thai consul and a Sri Lankan temple.  All Cypriots who joined our activities were foreigners.  Most of them had meditated before.  Some used the Ānāpānasati technique.  Some used Goenka technique.  Most of them had a good vision and world view.


On the day we visited the Thai consul, we found that Thai consul was not Thai but Cypriot.  They gave some suggestions on how to connect to good Thai communities.  On the next day, they visited a Sri Lankan temple in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.  Sri Lankan monks were very nice.  They greeted and honored us.  We chanted the Buddhist Mantra together for about 30 minutes.  After that we had a chance to talk with Sri Lankan laypeople.

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