Notice: “The starting point for the answer to Life” – Year 2020 the 18th IDOP is open for registration

“The starting point for the answer to Life”

The 18th IDOP, will be start from 1st Jul’2020 till 2nd Aug’2020 (33 days)

If you interested in monkhood and hope to gain experience for a different kind of life. Then, you should register for this activity. Come to Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand, to participate in a month plus (33days) training for experience a short-term monkhood! Learn the ways of Buddhism to face the life. This is a very special activities, it is a beyond words experience! We sincerely invite all males of the world to participate.

The qualifications for applicants, as mentioned below:

  1. Male with the age between 18-60 years old, not Gay, unfeminine.
  2. With good conduct, and able to accept the temple’s strict training requirements.
  3. With good health conditions and has no infectious or other illnesses, such as diabetes, mental illness, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease, or dependence on medication.
  4. Ensure that you could live in training site, and try not interrupt the training course, for example, to go out for exams.
  5. Non-vegetarian food and accommodation is provided free of charge, as mendicancy is inherited in Thailand. (trainees should know about this in advance, so that won’t worry about the choice of food.)
  6. Physical and mentally should be healthy, no mental illness, if there is any concealment, once discover will be require unconditionally withdraw from the training program.

The preparations for participate in the ordination program:

1. Willing to ordinate

2. Decided to join the ordination program

3. Registrate On-line or contact individual meditation center branches worldwide

4. Wait for reply

5. Upon accepted by the training program

6. Apply for Valid Passport

7. Advance Booking of Air-ticket with valid Visa

8. Visa application could be done through Travel Agent. Apply of Tourist Visa should be adequate, because a upon arrival the customs into Thailand will be permit for 60 days stay.

9. Upon complete visa application, make arrangement for your works and family matters. In order to have a peace of mind during the training program.

If there are doubts, kindly refer the following website link for details   

Ordinate as a monk is nature of our life

“To all male Buddhists, the virtues of monasticism will not only last into the afterlife. But would be benefit the present life too. More importantly, he will gain knowledge, wisdom, greater comprehension of this world and be related to the understanding of society, economics, materials and spiritual aspects. Being ordinate as a monk, not only just shave off their hairs and donning robes only. It is the exercising, practicing and embodiments the teaching of Buddha.  “

-Most venerable Dattajivo-

The triple Gem of Buddhism are the most authentic beliefs of Buddhists. It is the right beliefs not superstition, it is true benefit not illusion benefit. Therefore, a male in Thailand would at least be ordinate a monk, once in their life. This is a very meritorious and rewarding thing. It could not only accumulate goodness, cultivate one’s morality and study about Buddhism. It could correct our attitude toward the worldly issues and is a form of repayment to the grace of parents.

Even we can’t attain Nirvana in this life. This experience of ordination as a monk, will not in vain. It will be a limitless of merits. For Monasticism is to practice more diligence. In order to, establish the firm foundation for the life of the afterlife.

To let go all the worldly issues, to practice with a peace of mind. May the teaching of Buddha be everlasting. The light of wisdom of Lord Buddha’s would illuminates the whole world.

Welcome all males to experience the short-term ordination with the Theravada Buddhism. Rejoice your merits.

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