Meditate for a Better World

Written by Ping Wang, a Chinese living in USA.


When I first started meditating, I was at a very dark place in my life and  felt a big hole inside of me.  Then I ran into meditation, suddenly, as if a light came into my world, I found hope and started to follow that light as the long lost boat finally saw the light house. At that time, meditation, to me, was only a personal matter.

Then I had my very first meditation retreat at the  Dhammakaya temple in Thailand where I met the greatest teaching monks and their spiritual leader- Luang Por ,the abbot of  Dhammakaya temple. Through their teachings, I had incredible progress in meditation, words can’t describe the great amount of joy, peace and wisdom I was able to access from within.


Later, I learned the “World Peace through Inner Peace” concept which was initiated by the abbot as well. If everybody attains inner peace inside, then the world peace will appear. And meditation is the key to unlock that inner peace. I really like the fact that the Dhammakaya temple is not just a Buddhist figure, it truly takes responsibilities of the entire world and functions as a living school that teaches people how to  live their lives to the biggest potentials  through self-development and social contribution.

When I returned to my home in USA , I started a local meditation group which later grew to have over 1000 members. People started gaining benefits from this practice, and without me even ask, they started promoting meditation to their families, friends and co-workers.

By this time, I know meditation for me, is not a personal matter anymore. I know every time I meditate, I brighten myself, I am also generating and spreading the peaceful energy to people around me, and bring tremendous benefits to my communities.

Now, ever than before, I understand the evolutional importance of meditation. It’s through each individual’s inner peace, we can bring our human race’s collective consciousness to a higher level, a level that’s highly aware and in tuned with love, peace and the oneness of the world. Every time, when we meditate, we are not just doing it for ourselves, we are in fact contributing to the entire human race.

Together, we are changing the world to be a better place.



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