11th Dhammayatra | 2023 Jan 7

On January 7th, 2023, the 11th Dhammayatra with 1,139 monks on the journey to the 7 memorials of the Great Master Phra Mongkolthepmuni, (Sodh Candasaro).

Today is the Lantern Lighting Ceremony at Lotus Land, Suphanburi Province. The ceremony represents the brightness and wisdom of Dhamma, light of the lanterns includes the meaning of warm and hope, the brightness of the lanterns also represents all human beings process the light of wisdom in their mind. Therefore, Buddhism emphasis a lot in the ceremony on lighting lanterns offering to the Lord Buddha, that is with the help of the lanterns of wisdom from the Buddha bodhisattva. To ignite the light of our mind. Where ever there are light, the light of the loving-kindness from the Buddha bodhisattva will shine. Wishing everyone could be a bright lantern to drive away the darkness of this world, and brighten up the entire universe.

Light up the candle in our hand, and also lighten up that lantern in our mind. Let these candlelight blaze every corners of the world, and wish the light of these lanterns shine the world with its brightness and wisdom. Every single lantern is the beginning of the origin of goodness. The passing on of the lanterns will bring along the wisdom and benevolence of Lord Buddha into the mind of the participants, yet it also brings along endless warmth, hope, peacefulness, and safeness.

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