11th Dhammayatra 2023 begins

The first day of the 11th Dhammayatra Project is on January 2, 2023, in which thousands of Buddhist monks join the Dhammayatra procession, begins this year of 2023 from January 2nd to January 31st .

On January 2, 2023, Today will be the first Dhammayatra Procession in honor of Luang Pu, Phra Mongkolthepmuni. It is the first Dhammayatra walk to pay homage to the birthplace of the Great Master, at Memorial Hall of Phramongkolthepmuni, Dhammakaya Temple, Pathumthani Province.

Paving the walkway with flowers to welcome monks has been a practiced since the time of the Buddha. As seen in inscriptions in the Tipitaka, one can find evidence of the Lord Buddha leading the Sangha of disciples in a Dhammayatra Pilgrimage. Once, there was an epidemic that swept across Vashali City. The people of that city were so tormented by the plague that it was said bodies piled like mountains by the roadside. At that time, governors of Vashali invited the Lord Buddha for his gracious visit. The Lord Buddha, having been attuned to the Dhammayatra with 500 large monks, left Rajagaha, where King Bimbisara had prepared a route for a distance of 80 kilometers with flags and emblems. The path was decorated with tiered umbrellas and flower petals of 5 colors scattered on the pavement, with townspeople living along the road coming out to help clean the streets. They all help to decorate the elaborate wreaths to welcome the Dhammayatra monks, along with paving the road with 10 different colors of petals to show respect and welcome the Dhammayatra procession of the Lord Buddha and the Sangha.

Throughout this Dhammayatra Project, not only will the monks have a chance to train themselves, they will also have time to recollect the immense compassion of the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro), the re-discoverer of the Dhammakaya Meditation. The Great Master, overflowing with virtues and abilities, led his virtuous life in the footsteps of the Buddha. He continuously trained himself, gave Dhamma lessons, and taught people to meditate in order to attain Dhammakaya. Eventually, both Thais and foreigners who followed his teachings discovered for themselves the true goals of life and felt confident that Buddhism was the highest refuge.

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