Welcome of the Dhammayatra Monks by sprinkle flower petals – the 7th Dhammayatra Event at Wat Song Pi Nong (the ordination place of the grand master)

On 6 th January 2019, with the Golden Statue of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen Luang Pu Sodh (Phramongkolthepmuni) leading the 1,135 Dhammayatra monks from Wat Phra Dhammakaya on the journey to the place of ordination for the grand master – Wat Song Pin Nong at the Suphan Buri province. Regardless of ages, everyone welcome the 7th Dhammayatra Event. With faith don’t need any explanation, nor too much speech, feel it with your mind.It will clear to you.

Wat Song Pi Nong was built in the Ayutthaya era, it possess a rich historical background. According to speculation, it was initially built on Buddhist Era Year 2212 (Christian Era Year 1669). Now it is the model for the local temple development. The name of the temple is Wat Song Pi Nong. It  originate from a legend, there was a pair of brotherhood elephants from wutong county. This county specializing in breeding royal elephants. During the dry season, this pair of elephants will came to this area to look for foods, and due to this was their often walking path, it form a low-lying land eventually became a river. They called it the “Song Pi Nong” river.

The grand master at the age of 22 years old. That was on the Buddhist Era Year 2449(Christina Era Year 1906) the beginning of July, at the temple Wat Song Pi Nong of Suphan Buri Province. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk. His monastic name was  Phra Sodh Candasaro.

Everyone who came with a devout mind to pay respect to the Triple Gem, to welcome the Dhammayatra monks were very blessed. The devotee show up with a smile, the 1,135 Dhammayatra monks are solemn, grace and dignity. It allow the participants and passerby to rise their mind with faith, and made a deep impression. Together they rejoice each other with the great merit gained from supporting the Buddhism.

The blissfulness was speechless. This gained happiness have surpass any others kind of happiness. Which it is rise from the deeper level of our mind, which will not be vanish.

Every single pieces of flower petals represent the mood of blissful and the devout in faith from everyone.

The cohesiveness of different races gather, allow the passerby to elevate their faith in the Triple Gem. Which in term remind us that what a great mission. That is need to revive the morality of the world and support Buddhism.


We sincerely invite all of you to join the 7th Dhammakayatra events. Accumulate your stock of merits, plant your seeds in the field of merits, and allow your life to have more happiness and brightness.


World Peace Through Inner Peace

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