Wat Phra Dhammakaya 2563


  1. Academic support

–        2563 – 5 monks and novices passed 9th level of Pali Studies, 1 person passed Baw Saw 9.  The total number who passed 9th level and Baw Saw 9 are 95 monks and laypeople; 87 monks at 9th level and 8 people at Baw Saw 9.  The temple has the highest number of monks at 9th level in the country.

–        Distributed scholarships to outstanding Pali students in 119 schools throughout the country, amounting to 2,700,000 baht

–        Pali students in all levels : 622 monks

–        Pali students : 74 people

–        Pariyut Samun students in all levels : 175 monks

–        Sanamluang Dhamma students : 516 monks, Dhamma Study : 1,672 people

–        92 DCI monk students

–        Ordination program in homage to the Great Master : 3,500 monks


  1. Meditation support

–        Still the mind to win COVID19 Program April 2 – December 31; global online meditation – 41,489,723 minutes

–        Meditation program for regular temple staff – 1,721,679 hours and 51 minutes

–        Dhammajak chanting program – 3,030,002,546 rounds

–        New Year’s Eve overnight online chanting via Zoom : over 20,000 participants and reaching over 100,000 people


  1. Public assistance

–        Distributed medical instruments and COVID19 preventing equipment such as alcohol, face masks and thermo-scan cameras worth of 10,267,140 baht

–        Distributed rice and other food supplies to COVID19 victims in total weight of over 10 tonnes

–        Distributed 2,000 sets of survival kits to natural disaster victims

–        Offered monastic necessities to 323 temples in 4 southern border provinces for 16 consecutive years worth of 303 million baht

–        Distributed funds to help teachers in southern provinces for 13 consecutive years worth of over 60 million baht

–        Accommodated a number of meetings, seminars in relation to providing knowledge for monks, novices and laypeople including services to communities such as organizing a meeting for over 400 monks in Pathumthani Province, seminar to develop potentiality of monks in Pathumthani Province, pre-examination tutoring of Dhamma in Klaung Luang District, learning center of the program relating to temple, people, government, creating happiness, good environment and 5 principles, Pathumthani Province, morality learning center for students, certificate offering ceremony for health volunteers organized by  Pathumthani Province etc





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