The propagation till Africa – Wat Phra Dhammakaya Johannesburg, Africa

For more than forty years, all Buddhism missions changes, from come about, exist and extinct accordingly in time. But the noble ambition of Wat Phra Dhammakaya group never change. As always follow the noble ambitions of the grand masters Phramongkolthepmuni and Chandra Khonnokyoong, to propagate the Buddhism and the Dhammakaya Meditation to every corners of the world. In order to, instill the Dhamma into everyone mind. Hence, to develop a true peaceful and happiness world. The propagation of the teachings of Lord Buddha, let us revisit the value and aim in life. That is accumulate of merits, which could help us through the six-path of Reincarnation. Eventually, reaches the ultimate of life.

In the far away land of African, there are a group of people, rooted themselves and reached deep into the mind of the people there, experience and observe their needs and suffering, and stroke roots there. In order to extend the life span of Buddhism. They are the venerables at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Johannesburg, Africa.

The monkhood is far from mundane, in order to get rid of all anxiety. Focus on being a right monk, all the actions, speech and thought should be conform to their identity. That is to remain calm, elegance and modesty, continue the cultivation in precept, samadhi and wisdom.

From the world wide aspect, the propagation of Buddhism divided into three sects : Mahayana, Theravada and Tibetan. But the propagation of Buddhism in African, have experience disaster ….. In two thousands year ago, the Ashoka India have send mission team to African, but drowned in the vast deserts of Egypt.

In order to propagation and take root in African is not easy. African continent is the beginning place of mankind, now there are fifty-four countries, one billion population. It possess splendid civilization and a rich and colorful culture, but diseases, water shortage, famine, chaos caused by war, environment, education, refugee, peace and security issues. Causes the people here facing suffering. There is a reason for suffering to exist, to remove the suffering, is by planting the seed of happiness, and we will reap the effect of it. These require the moistening of compassions and propagation of the teachings of Lord Buddha here.

In African all aspects are consider laggard,this in need of firm faith,follow the footsteps of ancient sages,carry forward the spirit of endure hardships,shoulder heavy responsibilities。We need to work together and move forward, in order to develop the home for our spirit – Wat Phra Dhammakaya Johannesburg, Africa.  Which would let the teaching of Lord Buddha could really take root, blossom and yield positive results.

Buddhism is beneficial to the society in term of development and progress, which continually have been highly regarded. The effects of Buddhism toward the society have been effective. The development of Buddhism have been well integrated into the respective society with harmony. Regarding it‘s own development, the propagation of Buddhism, the society charity works, the foreign friendly exchange and overseas fellowship, etc. It have already been done and will continue contributing stability, harmony, prosper in the society here.

Monks is the soul on inherit of the Dhamma, so that the Buddhists could perform offering foods to them. In return, this could make their everyday fill with auspicious and happiness, and yet support the triple Gem of Buddhism to stay forever. This philosophy is meaningful, just like the sun is shine everyday as the light of life for us.

The Sangha of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Johannesburg, Africa, is going for alms round outside the temple. This is to provide convenience to spreading the Dhamma, extend the life span of Buddhism, lead all beings towards the true liberation and renaissance the Buddhism in African.

The “Dhuta practice” is to revive the morality of the present world, and let Buddhism be as flourish as in the Buddha era. But this require all Buddhists in whole world to be united, determine to change the world. Let the kindness and good deeds stay forever. There are not differentiate in age and races, and together we spread the seeds of kindness, love and caring, and let it sprout, take root and growth.

“If you brighten up. This world will not be dark. If you mind is with hope. This world will not totally despair. If you are not give in, this world can’t do anything toward you.” — Former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Sakyamuni Buddha have said: ”If this world still have people perform the Dhuta practice, the teaching of Lord Buddha will remain”. Follow the teaching of Lord Buddha, and communicate with your mind. Not matters what is in front of our path, even there are obstacles. We still willing to be a practitioner.

For the benefits of ourselves and all living beings. We will conquer the various obstacles, and be firm to be one of triple Gem to extend the life span of  Buddhism.

The time of globalization is here, to connect the different countries, cultures and religions closely together. The compassion and Wisdom of Buddhism, will bring more awaken of spirits and settlement in life for people in more countries and regions.

With the wide and in-depth spreads of Buddhism, calling the Buddhists to be brave and take on the responsibility. In order, the rich history of Buddhism for about 2500 years, could benefits much more others. We will strive to put into practice to fulfill the great wish of our grand masters, to establish Buddhism temple in African.

For world peace and enlighten of wisdom for all beings,we willing to devote oneself to propagate the teachings of Lord Buddha worldwide.

Buddhism is the religion of peace, teaching everyone need to “Avoid all evils, Gather all goods. Purify one’s mind”, are the core teaching from all Buddha.” The Buddhism activities over the entire world are to assist mankind in expand their life, understand the value of our mind, and promote morality to the world. Hence become the source of true happiness and peace for all human beings.

With the admiration that could propagate Buddhism in African. The venerables from Wat Phra Dhammakaya is making unremitting efforts and with more willing supporters. Buddhism in African will carry forward and prosper.

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