The Lanterns Lighting Ceremony of the 7th Dhammayatra Event at the Phramongkolthepmuni Meditation Center (the birth place of the grand master)

On 5 th January 2019, the Phramongkolthepmuni Meditation Center at birth place of the grand master at Suphan Buri province, organize a  lantern lighting ceremony. May the brightness of Lord Buddha, extend with lantern by lantern, reaches every corners of darkness. We dedicate the merits gain from this offering of lights ceremony to all beings, could attain the wisdom of enlightenment earlier. May everyone be physical and  mental well-being, be successful in career, be auspicious as one wishes, with growth in both fortunate and wisdom.

The Sangha gather together put one’s palms together devoutly. And chant the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, pray for world peace and the well-being for all beings.

Every word of the chanting, is the awareness toward the great grace of Lord Buddha, may ourselves would be enlighten one day. And also serve as a dedication to the most supreme teacher of human beings – the Lord Buddha.

The aim on the teachings of the Lord Buddha: is to practice the teachings on enlightenment, for self-awareness and to enlighten others. After the Lord Buddha enlighten, he went out to propagate the skills of enlightenment. The public accepted the teachings on enlightenment, and practice accordingly. Eventually also enlighten accordingly, able for them to clear the doubt and attain the truth, could end suffering and find true happiness. This is the objective of the teachings of Lord Buddha.

The people who comprehend the truth of life and the rules of various realm, should diligently perform good deeds. Which would able to direct their life toward happiness and glorious.

Not matter where you are, sincere and respectful attitudes would lead us toward an auspicious life.

The brightness from the lanterns, could illuminate the confusions ego of ourselves, exploit the wisdom within us, and strengthen our determination.

With the pass on of lanterns by lanterns, it brightness shine across one another, it kindle the light in our mind. These allow great kindness and love spreads to every corners of the world. Hence, which sprinkle the dew of Dhamma into the mind of everyone.

May the merits in assisting on extending the life span of Buddhism, spreads among all beings. May all wishes that for the goodness of Buddhism could be realize instantly, all is according to one’s wish, attain the dharma-caksus, attain the Dhammkaya within, all your life will able to accumulate merits, till the ultimate of Dhamma.

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