Dhamma News: Myanmar & Thailand 30,000 monks Grand Alms Offering Ceremony (Special Merits and develop good attainment with 30,000 monks)

On 8 Dec’2019 (Sunday) 06:00hrs,The Buddhists of Thailand and Myanmar will gather together at the Chanmyathazi Old airport of Mandalay, in republic of the union of Myanmar. They will co-organize the Myanmar & Thailand 30,000 monks Grand Alms Offering Ceremony.

“If anyone with their pure mind, offer “a hand full of water” to the Lord Buddha, Sangha, Parents and Sick people. This merit would enable him or her to receive limitless blessings for tens of millions “kalpa”. [One kalpa (in Hindu cosmology) is a period in which the universe experiences a cycle of creation and destruction].

Let us together recall the last Myanmar & Thailand 20,000 monks Grand Alms Offering Ceremony. The ceremony was held in a solemn and awe-inspiring atmosphere, everyone was blissed, together all participants went home with full blessings.

In Dānādhikāra (mahāyāna) sutra (the sutra that the Lord Buddha explain about offering), explain that offering to the triple Gem of Buddhism could receive the following five type of benefits:

  1. Good looking and solemn.
  2. With good strength.
  3. Longevity.
  4. Serenity and Happiness
  5. Achieve all wisdom and obtain wonderful eloquence.

In the Yulanpen Sutra, also mentioned: If could offer the Sangha from all directions, with food, bedding, medicine. With merits of offering the Sangha from all directions. It would enable the parents, relatives of their past seven life of the offers, to be away from the three evil paths. The existence parents would be Longevity, without any sickness and worries, food and clothing are sufficient on it own, body and mind are peaceful and happy.

Sangha is the worldly most worthy ultimate field of merits in offering. This purity offering could enable the offers mind could immediately stay away from defilements, without being enslaved, purified and could attach with the triple Gem of the Buddhism for every lifetime. The merits gain is limitless. Make up one’s mind to offer the Sangha, not only could establish good karma, reduce bad hindrance, enhance the mind with alms giving deeds, could repay the gratitude of parents every lifetime, could develop deep root of good deeds with supreme wisdom. Finally, could achieve the ten paramita and the necessary to the attainment of Buddhahood.

We wish everyone could join the merits in supporting the Sangha. Blessing everyone with healthiness, happiness, wisdom, could free from the eternal cycle of birth and death earlier, and till the ultimate of Dhamma.

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