Year 2019 Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand will organize 10,000 children Summer Novices Ordination Event-2

From 31st March 2019 till 30th April 2019, Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand will organize 10,000 children Summer Novices Ordination Event

Qualification of Enrollment: Children between Age:10-18 (Male), can participate in this summer Novices Short-Term Ordination Event for free.

In this summer school holiday period,they can choose to enter into a temple , in order to train up their self-training ability, cultivate self-discipline, patience and respect, etc. At the same time, can understand Buddhism, learning the knowledges in Dhamma. And practice meditation, cultivate concentration. To enhance the meaning of their own life.

Registration deadline: From now till 31st Match 2019 (via the National Moral Renaissance Training Center)

Within this one month of short-term ordination event, not only the children can have the opportunity to learn about being independence, more important is that the children can cultivate good habits, like: Cleanliness, Orderliness, Politeness, Punctuality and practice Meditation.

Holidays are the most look forward moment for every kids, don’t need to wake up early for schooling. Enable to enjoy resting at home or go for travelling with their parents, etc. But in Thailand holidays, many kids would be arrange by their parents to go into the temple and ordain as a novice. Even though it just for a short period of time, but they could learn abundant knowledge of Dhamma, and gain great benefits in term of self-training.

There are benefits in term of ordain as a novice.

The main benefit of Ordination :

To close the door toward Hell, and open up the path to Heaven.

This allow the kids to perform meaningful activities in their summer holidays, like learn to live as a group, with solidarity and friendship, helping up one another and furthermore have to the opportunity to learn about the teaching of Lord Buddha too.

The level of practicing is not determine by age. In Buddhism, there are four situations that we should not be take it lightly. One of them is “Don’t under estimate novices due to their young age. With the firm foundation in goodness and the determination in learning. They can also be successful with great achievement.” During Buddha Era, the Lord Buddha have earnestly advise his disciples, don’t underestimate others who learn at their young age.

Free for Ordination,

 Pass on to the youth,

Inherit and develop the seed of Buddha,

Extend the lifespan of Buddhism.

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