Share the Celebration of the Asalha Puja Day of Thailand, by Lit up the Candle Light, to pray for the earlier Extinctive of the Epidemic Situation, Rejoice the Endless Meritorious for the Transmission

24 July 2021 is a special day, which is one of the important Festival for Buddhism-the Asalha Puja Day. Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand celebrate it with a very special way, at their Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya by lit up the candlelight offering to the Lord Buddha, the Sangha chanting & blessing, group meditation and the ceremony on the celebration on the achievement on the completion of the target for the numbers of chanting – Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta.

The four groups of the Buddhists of the world, together online through the ZOOM software, to perform the group meditation, lit up candlelight offer to the Lord Buddha, to pray for the earlier extinctive of the epidemic situation.


The annual Asalha Puja Day on the Thai calendar August 15th is the day to commemorate the Lord Buddha and the Buddhism triple Gem.

The Asalha Puja Day consists of four essential principals, to be an important day of the Buddhism, as below:

  1. The initial day when the Lord Buddha given his first disclosure.
  1. The first disciple of Buddhism has appeared, which is the very first disciple of the Lord Buddha.
  1. The very first Buddhist monk is Kondanna. he also very first monk that ordain by the Lord Buddha.
  1. The day that the Buddhism Triple Gem (Buddha-Dharma-Sangha) are presented.

The Sangha of the temple lit up the lanterns together, even though it was raining then.

It can’t deter the footsteps of the Sangha.

The brightness of every single lit up lanterns, will light up the minds of everyone in the world.

It also blesses all mankind be healthy and safe, with prefect wisdom. 

The messages of various Sangha from all over the world, send through on-line software ZOOM,

Join the event, and to commemorate the immerse grace of the Lord Buddha together.


Buddhism is a peaceful religion with the Dhamma as their core value, therefore majors teaching focus on the practices, to restrain on the Greed, Hatreds and Delusion with various desires of individual, and allow our mind to reach the state of tranquility and suppleness. Therefore, within all Buddhists they love peacefulness, detest violence. During the propagate of Buddhism, won’t compel others be religious. Only hope that the peer to realize themselves through their own discoveries, with own practice and testify themselves.


If everyone could follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha, lessen the attachments of the inner defilements-the Greed, Hatreds and Delusion. Then, greed and selfishness will decrease, and the compassions and kindness will increase accordingly. If everyone could achieve it, world peace could be realized.


From the above mentioned, show the important of the teachings from the Lord Buddha.

We should solemnization the Asalha Puja Day, which is the initial disclosure of the teachings from the Lord Buddha. We could perform group meditation, together we contribute the efforts towards world peace.

When the four groups of the Buddhists gathered, chanting, perform meditation and make wishes together. When we could tranquilize our mind, endless energy will rise from the seventh base of our mind. These form of great energy of merits would gather into a form of light sphere. This light sphere contains limitless power, that could transform all kinds of unfortunate incidents into auspicious events.

These very special pictures could let viewers to form a clear faith in their mind and encourage them to study the Dhamma. If these pictures could go the rounds to every corner of the world, the viewers not only form a clear faith, even take delight in practice meditation, then this inner peace would promote external peace, eventually realize world peace.

Rejoice the merits of everyone that participate in this Asalha Puja Day ceremony, take time out of your busy schedule, accumulate good provisions for oneself. This is a very rare opportunity. Every time your participation would allow us to be more purify and joyful, hope that we everyday could live in joyfulness, practice meditation every day, to fill our life with light of auspicious.

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