Nippori Japanese Center, Tokyo, organized meditation session for the locals

On Sunday, August 30, 2015, meditation and dhamma sessions in Japanese was organized for the locals by Ven. Katapunyo who gave a sermon on “Ten Wholesome Deeds” which are actions causing 10 meritorious results, for example, the merit from giving, observing precepts, meditating etc. This enabled the Japanese to understand about merit and accumulating more of it.  They also acquired the right knowledge on how to live their lives, inspiring them to perform more good deeds.


After that, they meditated together. Many people had experiences of spaciousness, lightness and happiness.  A number of people were interested in having dhamma discussions with the teaching monk.  As a result, they had more understanding that meditation did not only help them to relax and gain more will power, but it also purified the mind and caused the meditator to gain merit. Once they accumulated more merit, they would acquire happiness and success.

Most of the Japanese who come to the center are interested in Buddhism and meditation. They understand Buddhism better after listening to the teaching monk’s dhamma lecture.  They attend a meditation session every time they visit the center and this encourages them to study more dhamma and meditate continuously.





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