The 3rd Summer Meditation Retreat at Zheng Jia Zi Temple, Taiwan

Every branch of Dhammakaya temple in Taiwan teamed up to organize “The 3rd Summer meditation retreat in Taiwan” to train both body and mind and learn the teachings of the Lord Buddha amongst beautiful nature and fresh clean air, which helps one to easily attain Dhamma.

The meditation retreat was arranged from August 17th -21st 2015 (2558 B.E.) at Zheng Jia Zi Temple on the Jinshan mountain top. During the training participants meditated with Chinese guidance, offered dry food to the monks, exercised together and lit candles to worship the Lord Buddha.

Participants also took turns sharing their meditative experiences and received recommendations from the teaching monk. A Taiwanese participant mentioned that, “Meditation helped clear the brain to be able to understand things and problems better. And due to the recommendations of the teachings monk, I feel that meditation is very useful. Even though it seems easy, but the results from meditation can really be seen.” A Malaysian participant mentioned, “In order to educate oneself about the teachings of the Lord Buddha, reading is not enough, but it also requires recommendations from monks to be able to approach profound experiences, and to be capable to adapt to daily life with strong and sturdy motivation.” From this meditation retreat, many people began to feel the benefits of meditation. Some people immediately registered to participate in the Middle Way meditation retreat in the Chinese populated region of Thailand.

On this special occasion, the teaching monk gave a sermon to the participants. He appreciated how all of them saw the importance of meditation and decided to participate in this Summer Meditation retreat. Please visit the official facebook of the association of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Taipei, Taiwan

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