Dhamma News:Bangladesh and Thailand Joint Organise 1,000 monks Alms offering Ceremony

The Sangha of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand and Bangladesh, plan to joint organise a 1,000 monks Alms offering ceremony on the 29th February ‘2020 (Saturday) 0700hrs at the location Ramu central sima mahaviahar,cox’ bazaar of Bangladesh. We sincerely invite everyone to participate on the alms offering to the 1,000 monks in the ceremony. To accumulate the food of goodness.


“If one with a pure mind, to offer a scoop of water with one’s hands, to Lord Buddha, Sangha, Parents, Patient. This merit would able the offerer, to feel endless blessings that last for infinite.”

In the Dānādhikāra (mahāyāna) sutra, have mentioned that there are five benefits for offering to the triple Gem of Buddhism.

  1. Appearance is Good looking and Solemn;
  2. Feel full of strength;
  3. With Longevity;
  4. With Happiness and Peacefulness;
  5. With Eloquence.

Sangha is the supreme field of merits for all worldly offerings, alms and blessings.


The purity of the offerings would allow the offerer, to immediately stay away from defilements, get rid of the shackles of the mind and with the mind of purity. And would be able to connect with the triple Gem of the Buddhism in every lifetime of the future, with boundless of merits.


With the good and firm intention’s to offer to the Sangha, which able the offerer to be connect with good karma , alleviate bad karma, elevate the mind on alms giving, able to repay the kindness of parents every lifetimes, deeply rooted with the supreme wisdom or enlightenment,  able to accomplish the ten paramita, for the attainment of Buddhahood.


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