The Successfully Held of the 19th International Alms Offering to 10 thousand Monks Grand Ceremony in Thailand

On 18 August 2019 (Sunday) 0600hrs, at the central of the Hat Yai Province (Niphat-Uthit 3 Road) of Southern Thailand. The successfully held of the 19th International alms offering to 10 thousand monk grand ceremony in Thailand. With devotees came from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China, etc. They join the alms offering to 10 thousand Monks ceremony with pure white clothing. In here, we would like to share the blissing pictures of the ceremony with the worldwide people. In order, to share and rejoice the merits together.

In here, we are grateful to everyone who have involved in making this ceremony a successful one. And rejoice the merits of every devotees that offering funds to the 10 thousand monks. Because of everyone work together with one mind, the compassion of Sangha, devotees with kindness, devoted to support the event, eventually it made these rare scenes with bliss, which allow the world to be able to view and share the blissing.

The Sangha with purify practice, waiting in the orderly manners in the sacred ceremony. And will become the field of merits for the devotees.

The view of 10 thousand monks sit together in a solemnity manner, allow us to see the future on the teaching of Lord Buddha, and will able to continue propagate, throughout the world, which in turn benefit the people worldwide.

The main representative donors in this event, will send the rations collected from the alms offering ceremony, to the Sangha of the 323 temples in Southern Thailand.

The devotees sincerely, put one’s palms together devoutly, to show their respect toward the ultimate Triple Gem of the Buddhism.

Gently put the prepared rations into the alms bowl of the monks and receive the full bliss. With deeply expectation of these beautiful scenes on performing goodness, would be appear in every corners of the world.

In here, Wat Phra Dhammakaya sincerely and grateful to every individual senior monk and the Sangha, to be the field of merits for the devotees. And the people from every aspects of the society, and the support provided by the great devotees. Which in turn, enable the alms offering to 10 thousand monk ceremony held on 18 August 2019 with great success. We would like to make appointment with everyone to meet again on the 20th International alms offering to 10 thousand monk grand ceremony, that will be held on 23 August 2020.

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