The ordination of 500 Indonesian ordinands at Borobudur-Indonesia.

The Indonesian government coordinated with the Union of Thai Sanghas in Indonesia to organize the mass ordination of 500 Indonesian ordinands at Borobudur, Indonesia.

On 19 December 2023, the Most Venerable Phrapromwachirapanyajarn (Pali scholar of level 9), the Abbot of Wat Ratchaoros, the head of the 8th Overseas Dhammaduta Bhikkhus group and a board member of Mahachulalongkornrajavidhayala University council was the preceptor for over 500 Indonesian ordinands at Borobudur, Indonesia.

Venerable (Dr.) Phrakrusamu Sanitwong Wuttiwangso, Director of Communication Department, Wat Phra Dhammakaya related that over 500 Indonesian ordinands applied to participate in this ordination program. The Indonesian government together with the Union of Thai Sanghas in Indonesia-Africa, Majelis Agama Buddha Mahanikaya Indonesia (MBMI), Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Dhammakaya Foundation and the network organizations collaborated to revive Borobudur to be center of the Buddhists through the Buddhism promotion activities during the past many years.

 “This program gives the opportunity to Indonesian men to learn the Buddha’s teachings, to be Buddhism heir, to develop their potentials through the training course and the close supervision of teaching monks. The training course follows the threefold training of Buddhism (precept, concentration and wisdom) and the 5 factors of Universal Goodness (cleanliness, orderliness, politeness, punctuality and meditation practice). Moreover, the monks will be trained of respect, patience, the monk’s necessity management, teamwork and the problem solving according to the Buddhist principles. As for the local Indonesian residents, joining this ordination ceremony, they will learn the Buddhist culture at the same time.”, said Venerable Phrakrusamu Sanitwong.

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