“The beginning to the answers of your life” – Year 2019 the 17th International Dhammadayada Ordination Program (IDOP)

“The beginning to the answers of your life”

The 17th International Dhammadayada Ordination Program (IDOP)

From 1st July till 4th August 2019 (35 days)

If you are interested in the monkhood and intend to experience a totally different kind of life style. Then, apply and join this 35 days training program organize by Wat Phra Dhammakaya. In order to, to learn the Buddhism ways of confront your life. This is a special program which will bring you a wonderful and indescribable experience!  We sincerely welcome the men all over the world, to participate in this program.

For more details information, regarding about the International Dhammadayada Ordination Training Program (IDOP), on the overview of the training details, procedures and eligibility. You could visit the website below:


The requirements for applicants :

  1. Males between 18-60 years old, non-lesbianism, non-feminine.
  2. Have good moral character, and willing to accept the strict training conduct by the program.
  3. Have good health conditions, no infectious diseases or other diseases, like diabetes, psychosis, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease or drug dependence.
  4. Able to ensure will stay in the training area throughout the training period. Please don’t interrupt the training course at will. Example, go out for taking examination, etc.
  5. The program provide free non-vegetarian foods, because Thailand inherit monks receiving foods through alms offering. (Participants should aware of this in advance, in order not to worry about the choice of foods.)
  6. Physical and mental health are sound, no mental or spiritual illness. Any hold back on relevant information , once discover will be expel from the program without any conditions.

Applicants that intend to join the program, need to prepare the following:

  1. Willingly to ordain
  2. Decide to participate in the ordination program
  3. For On-line application, as show below. Or contacts any of the temples local and overseas branches


  1. Wait for reply
  2. Once accepted for joining the program
  3. Apply for passport (if you don’t have any or will be expiry within next 6 months period)
  4. Book your air-ticket and apply for visa in advance
  5. The application of visa could go through the travelling agent. Apply for Tourist visa, because once arrive at the Thailand immigration counters in the airport will grant you 60 days stay.
  6. After settle your visa, make arrangement for job, family and left for the training program with a peace of mind.

Ordinate as a monk, is the essence of life

“For the male Buddhists, the merits of ordination not only beneficial in your next life. But could reap the benefit in the present life. More important is the knowledges, wisdom regarding the understanding on this world, society, economy, materials and spiritual aspects.  Ordinate as a monk not only shave hair and wearing monk robe, more essential is the training, actions and reflects on the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Venerable Phabhavanaviriyakhun”

The triple Gem in Buddhism is the most authentic faith for Buddhists, it is the right beliefs not superstition. It is real benefits not fantasy one. Therefore, for Thai males one’s in their life time, must ordain at least once. This is consider very meritorious and fortunate deed for them. It not only accumulate merits, self-cultivation, study the Dhamma, having right attitude toward the worldly affairs. And it could be consider as the way to repay the gratitude to one’s parents.

Although this life we couldn’t attain the Nivana, this experience of ordination will not be regard as a waste of effort. It is consider as immeasurable merit. The purpose of ordination as a monk is to diligently practice yourself, in order to lay the foundation of life for the after death.

Let go of all worldly issues. Ordain and practice with a peaceful mind. May the Dharma be stay forever, and the light of wisdom will shine upon all beings.


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