The Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong Centennial Building

The Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong Centennial Building will be a majestic architectural masterpiece, centered around a prominent geometrical object. The building embodies and emphasizes the inherently modern, timeless and universal characteristics of the Lord Buddha’s teachings, otherwise known as the Dhamma.

The teachings are “Akaliko,” referring to its qualities of timelessness and universal replicability for all time periods and eras of humankind. The sphere itself is of significant symbolic importance for the Dhammakaya meditation method, for it aims at leading every being to the discovery of the inner sphere of Dhamma, that exists unanimously and naturally within every person at the center of their body, irrespective of religion, race, culture or creed. The construction of the Centennial Building is a momentous and wonderful opportunity that no person should miss. The building will become the new residents for the … Dhamma schools for monks and novices, and will also be the new home for the head office of the Dhammakaya Foundation, along with the pursuit of perfection that everyone here within the temple and beyond dedicates their lives towards.

This is centralization or lead to great efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the foundation goal of helping all beings to find true and lasting inner peace. For all of these reasons, the Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong Centennial Building will be a core for every event concerning the propagation of the Dhammakaya meditation method throughout the world. As long as this magnificent structure continues to remain standing, the benefits reap for those who played a part its construction will continue to grow and prosper.