3 Day Middle Way Meditation retreat at POP HOUSE

The Middle Way Meditation Institute organized a three day Middle Way Meditation retreat at POP House Retreat Center in Pathumtani, Thailand from August 25-27, 2015. Foreigners who love inner peace got an opportunity to come and practice basic meditation and learn universal goodness that they can use to benefit their daily lives.


This project has attracted many foreigners from Australia, British Canada, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Sweden. Meditation sessions were kindly led by Venerable Phisit Jittasuttho – Deputy Head of the Middle Way Meditation Institution and Venerable Chayanon Kijjanantho– Teaching monk of the Middle Way Institute.

The participants trained themselves in meditation and practiced the principles of universal goodness. They also learned about the Buddhist culture by paying respect to monks, cleaning thoroughly, and placing shoes in an orderly manner. Thus, everyone could adapt this knowledge to utilize it in their daily lives. The teaching monks taught Dhamma principles that helped participants to develop their meditation further.There were a a variety of special events including yoga, bubble blowing, food offering to monks as part of the Buddhist Tradition, and the sharing of meditation experiences amongst participants .The teaching monk suggested solutions to everyone’s meditation obstacles. This allowed each participant to progress in their meditation. At the end of the program, participants took a souvenir group photograph.    The next meditation program will be organized at Pop House Retreat Center, from September 22-24, 2015.  If anyone would like to invite their foreign friends to join this program, please visit http://www.mdwmeditation.org/




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