Daily Archives: May 15, 2018

International Prayer Event // Fanwood Presbyterian Church, New Jersey, USA

The teaching monks and our staff from Dhammakaya International Meditation Center of New Jersey (D.I.M.C.N.J) joined the International Prayer event which was organized at Fanwood Presbyterian Church on May 3, 2018. There were about 50 participants; the representatives of the churches read the God Articles and Phra Klint Khunajavo led the meditation world peace.

Weekend Meditation for Locals // Wat Phra Dhammakaya Gunma, Japan

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Gunma, Japan, arranged the meditation class for locals during May 2 – 6, 2018 (5 days and 4 nights), where there were 19 total sessions of meditation.  There were 15 Japanese participants and the teaching monks were Phra Maha Dr. Chattapong Katapunyo, Phra Thanawut Tissaro and Phra Chaiwat Khunawuttano. All attendants joined […]

Sri Lankan Vesak Day // Japan

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Tokyo was invited from Sri Lankan laypeople to join the Sri Lankan Vesak Day on Sunday May 6, 2018. There were 78 participants which were Sri Lankan and other nationalities. Phra Winai Cirasakko, Phra Maha Tharathorn Bhattawangso, Phra Maha Lin Jiavhin and Sri Lankan monks kindly taught dharma involving Vesak Day.  The […]

36th International Morals and Ethics Contest (IMEC)// Dhammakaya Meditation Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dhammakaya Meditation Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, coordinated with the International Buddhist Society of Thailand (IBS) to give the scholarship and awards of the 36th International Morals and Ethics Contest (IMEC).   There were over 100 participants including the winners, the candidates, teachers, parents and the representatives of Buddhist organizations in Malaysia.   This is […]

Khun Yai Tongsuk Samdaengpun

You’re kindly invited to join the ceremony to cast the miniature cetiya that will enshrine the relics of Khun Yai Tongsuk. Biography of Khun Yai Tongsuk Samdaengpun Khun Yai Tongsuk Samdaengpun, a renowned meditation teacher, was born on Wednesday, August 1st, 1900 (Year of the Rat) in Baan Saphan Lueng, Bangrak–a thriving district in Bangkok […]