1. The Objective of a Human Life

The practice of the ‘Right View of Ten’ allows the individual to develop a far-reaching vision, which makes him realize the true objective of being human. All human beings were born for the sole purpose of accumulating ‘merits’ of good deeds and to further one’s spiritual advancement.

2. The Principles of Instilling the Desirable Personal Attributes in Children

The ‘Wrong View’ can be compared to weeds that grow without having to be cultivated. The ‘Wrong View’ is the fundamental cause of one’s wrong thought, wrong speech, wrong action, and wrong livelihood. It causes one to commit all sorts of indecent deeds, and to become indecent individuals. The ‘Wrong View’ is inherently natural and never needs to be taught.

On the other hand, the ‘Right View’ prompts one to cultivate right thought right speech right action and right livelihood. The ‘Right View’ encourages one to conduct good deeds, and to accumulate one’s ‘merits’. However, unlike the ‘Wrong View’, it is impossible to possess the ‘Right View’ without having to be earnestly and diligently taught and trained. Therefore, from the moment of birth, one needs to be seriously taught the ‘Right View’. Otherwise, one’s mind would lack the proper immune system against all wickedness wrought by the ‘Wrong View’. Moreover, without the ‘Right View’, one cannot develop one’s desirable personal attributes, and one cannot be the decent individual that the world needs.