Resolute Wishes for Offering Light to Lord Buddha Ceremony

May the merits that we devoutly light up the lanterns, offering to all great Buddhas, grand masters and the one who conquer the demon – Phra Mongkolthepmuni. May all people in all countries of the world, be safe and healthy, not jeopardize by the Covid-19 virus.

May our life be glorious, bright as candlelight, with full fulfillment in life, success in career, with all good wishes come true , with good health, longevity, able to accumulate paramita for a long time.

Not matter where we go, we will be safe, prosperous, happy and with virtuous, be warmly welcome and love by mankind and the Celestia.

May we be born in a family that the country where Buddhism is flourishing, in a noble race, be a righteous wise man, and also be a kind, rich man that support Buddhism.

Able to attain the inner Dharma since the childhood , and enable to maintain it throughout till the end of our life. And able to obtain prefect appearance, wealth, virtue, attendants, with happiness, wealthiness, reputation and fame, able to attain the enlightenment of Nirvana — Nibbana paccayo hotu

Benefits of offering candlelight to worship the Triple Gems

  1. Possess wisdom (like the brightness of the candlelight) in this life and future life.
  2. Bring prosperity to life with fortune, honor and praise.
  3. Help solve problems in life.
  4. Surrounded with virtuous friends.
  5. Admired by humans and angels.
  6. Reborn with bright glowing angelic body.
  7. Reborn in the heaven in the afterlife.
  8. Attain enlightenment if we have accumulated adequate perfections.