Guided Meditation Class at YWCA Downtown Vancouver

On Tuesday 29th, 2015, Ms Pimchanok and Saisamorn Family invited the teaching monks from Seattle Meditation Center (S.M.C.) to teach meditation at YWCA Downtown Vancouver.  It is an organization which helps poor women and is located in the heart of Vancouver.  Even though this city is crowded with people, there are some quiet places which are suitable for meditation.  Class began with the basics of meditation.  The teaching monk introduced the seven bases of mind and the importance of the 7th base of the body, which is the mental door leading to inner light, inner peace and inner bodies.  The principle is to keep your mind peaceful, calm and still.  The monk also taught about meditation obstacles and the way to overcome them.  He suggested 10 homework items to practice at home.  This was the 3rd session of this project and there were more participants than the previous sessions.  The attendants were interested and asked many questions.  The teaching monk answered them thoroughly and impressively.  Many trainees unveiled that they liked this meditation because they felt happy, calm, peaceful and comfortable.  Some of them took the meditation media back home to practice on their own. Feedback of the retreat from the local residents was very good.  People are interested and joining this activity in increasing numbers.  It is successful on many levels.






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