Alms Giving Ceremony to 20,000 Monks in #Mandalay

Today (January 21st, 2018) at 06:30 hrs. Mandalay Region Government, with #Dhammakaya Foundation and more than 30 network partners has organized the Alms Giving Ceremony to 20,000 Monks at Chanmyatazi Airport, #Mandalay, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

We aims to inherit the Buddhist’s tradition of alms giving, tighten the relationship between both Myanmar and Thailand, unite the Theravada monkhood in the ASEAN region and to promote the Dhamma studies for monks and novices in #Mandalay.

Starting at 06:00hrs, are respectively the Buddhist proclamation ceremony, receiving the precepts, meditation and follows by addressing food offering, necessities offering, medicine offering and prayer speech. For the ceremony, the principles for monks and guests of honor from both countries are as follows,Phra Bhavanadhamvites, Associate Abbot of Dhammakaya Temple (Principle monk from Thailand), and Mr.Rongruck Boonsiri (Guest of Honor from Thailand). Also, the honorable monks from the International Buddhists Federation are participating.

1.Dr.Dhammapiya (Secretary General, International Buddhist Confederation) New Delhi, India

2.Dr. Thích Thiện Tâm (Vice President of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha)

3.Phra Videchdhammaborn (Head of Dhammakaya Foundation, Thailand)

The monks from Myanmar and Thailand starting the alms ceremony.

The representative (Phramaha Nopporn Punyajayo, the project’s publicist) giving the speech:

This ceremony is an iconic event that portrays the strong faith and identical purpose of Buddhists all around the world to retain and carry down Buddhism to the future. The picture of this event would very much create inspiration for all humankind to study the Lord Buddha’s teachings and using his words in daily lives for their own prosperity, society, nation and therefore, world peace eventually.

The Alms Giving Ceremony between Myanmar and Thailand was first organized on September 20th, 2015. With 10,000 monks attended the event, was greatly attracted from worldwide and received excellent response from Mandalay citizens, and led to the organization of the Alms Giving Ceremony for 20,000 monks this year.







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