The Chapel

From acidic paddy fields, a woodland park was created by the planting of trees and shrubs around what is known as the main Chapel. The chapel is very unique in Thailand because of its clean lines and simple style. It is built to be free of demanding maintenance and to shine as a place of peace in this man made forest with the lake nearby. Huge platforms of stone are placed around the lake for meditators to utilize. Completed in 2525 B.E. (1982) (The ceremony for the allocation of the chapel boundary or Sima was held three years later) The chapel has a simple interior with a high ceiling, which keeps it cool even in the hottest weather. This being a meditating temple, we keep just one large statue of the Buddha to focus our attention when meditating. The Buddha statue depicted here is not the traditional Thai styled Buddha statue. Observing the statue you will notice that the topknot is in the shape of a Lotus bud. It also display the 32 Marks of a physically perfect man described in the Buddhist Tipitaka or Buddhist scripture.

The chapel was built with great, detail oriented, care to ensure that the most important building of the whole temple is as perfect, while being economical, as possible.

The concrete that was used in the construction of the chapel was not any ordinary concrete. The best sand had to be selected from the sand dunes on the coast line and transported up the Chao Phraya River via barges. The concrete itself had to also be the best quality. Once the mix was available, it then had to go through rigorous testing to ensure long lasting quality, and only when the specialist team had given its approval would the construction continue. The gravel that was used to construct the outer wall of the chapel had to be selected by hand. It had to be the whitest and purest and similar in size to a grain of rice. The people who selected these stones were none other but the devotees and supporters of the temple.

Above the door of the chapel the symbol of the three lotus flowers symbolizing the Triple Gem of Buddhism is displayed.

The foundation stone for the main chapel laid by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on behalf of H.M. the King in December 2520 B.E. (1977) marked by the official foundation of the center as a temple – Wat Phra Dhammakaya.

The Everlasting Memory of the Chapel

The Extension of the Chapel