Is it true that the abbot of the Dhamakaya temple lives a very luxurious life with the donated money?

Not true. The abbot lives a very simple way of life. The abbot’s residence is of similar size as other monks’ residence in the temple at the original 77 acres of the temple’s land. 

The monks’ residence area is very simple and serene. It is partitioned away from the public areas and the ceremonial area because it was made to support a monks life, ones who dedicate their lives for Buddhism, meditation, and peacefulness. Originally, before the need for land to accommodate more followers, the abbot only wanted there to be 21 monks at the Dhammakaya temple, because that was the maximum number of monks that is absolutely needed to perform any Buddhist ceremony. Thus, the original residence was built with small residence for each monk to sleep, keep the minimum necessities, and meditate. There are trees and shrubs planted to give the feel of a forest and minimalistic living, full of peacefulness and serenity.

Other than having a minimalist residence, the abbot is also very conscious with utilising resources that have been funded by faithful supporters. He showers with only one small bucket of water each day, carefully using every drop with purpose, so to appreciate every single bit of resources without wasting any. This habit is not of a luxurious person.


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