Is the temple’s teaching against Buddhist philosophy of selfless and letting?

The truth is Buddhist teaching has two levels. The basic level is to live your life in this world. The advance level is a path to enlightenment. Some  people cannot distinguish between the basic and the advance one. They use the advance teaching to show that they are cool. Indeed, they are careless, have no responsibility, and lazy. For instance, garbage around the room, when the elder teach them. They said that take it easy and let it go. Everything was controlled by the mind, or, poor people don’t go to work. They always ask others for help. When people told them to find jobs, they said don’t attach yourself to materialism. You need to let go of everything.

The last teaching before the Buddha went to Nirvana is that Always mindfully take care of yourself and others. He never taught people to be careless nor irresponsibility. For anyone who integrates teaching inappropriately, talking about letting go, no ego, but lack of acts of self discipline and rarely practice meditation, we need to guide them about responsibility to themselves and others.

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