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10 Benefits of Chanting Buddha’s First Teaching

Buddha’s first teaching is commonly known  as “Dhammacakkappavatana Sutta” or “Dhammachak. Here are the 10 benefits you can gain when you keep up the chant. 1) Soothe & Calm the Mind: The holy passages contained in this Sutta have the power to soothe, calm and ready the mind for meditation. 2) Purify the Mind: When we chant […]

Make 2,500 Years of History

An article by Nora Lawrence A trip to Thailand is no ordinary visit. Thailand is a land of rich history and culture known for its beautiful sandy beaches and majestic architecture. A trip to Thailand can be defined by deliciously spicy cuisine, lush wildlife, and friendly people. But to be able to fully immerse oneself […]

Turning the wheel of dhamma – Dhammajak chanting

An article by Andreas Jansen Buddhism has been a force for good on this planet for an incredible 2,500 years. Millions of people have found peace and prosperity through the ages under Buddhism, which has been sustained by possibly the oldest continuous organization the world has ever known, the Buddhist monkhood, or Sangha. Though the […]