The Sermons of Luang Phaw Wat Pak Nam, which appear in this book for the first time in their English translation, are but a small selection of the many recorded discourses which have been collected over the years by his followers. His valuable teachings have been circulated widely, both domestically and internationally, but almost exclusively in the original Thai language version.
A profound significance is contained in each work of the master’s discourses which can guide followers and truth-seekers toward the realization that these meditative methods represent fundamental principles of Buddha’s teaching. These discourses on ‘Vijja Dhammakaya’ are a great gift to those who devote their energies to the practice of meditation. Practitioners who follow the methods recommended by Luang Phaw can expect (eventually) to have inner experiences of the ‘Dhammakaya’, the Ultimate Reality inherent in all human beings.

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