Efficient actions require proper connections which could establish through networking with relevant parties.Therefore, networking development is an asset toward achieving our goals.

In accordance with an agreement signed between The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist studirs and the dhammakaya Foundation on 5 July 1990, monks from the Dhammakaya Foundation are exchanged with those from the Chung-Hwa Institute, Taipei for prolonged periods of complementary Studies.


In 1998 ,The Dhammakaya Foundation payed friendship visits to several Reginal Centers of the World Fellowship of Buddhist youth such as Korea Young Buddhist Association, Young men’s Buddhist Association of Nepal, World Fellowship of Buddhist youth Sri Lanka, and Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia.

The Dhammakaya Foundation has also developed co-operation with other like-minded organization such as Rissho Koseikai with activities including :
• In 1992, the provision of the Buddha image and 100 robes to the secretary of the Buddhism Propagation Society, Bangladesh;
• In 1993, the provision of the Buddha image to the people of Kunming, China;
• In 1994, the provision of the Buddha image, Phra Buddha Dhipanghorn, to the Thai-Japanese temple of Hiroshima, Japan:
• In 1994, the offering of computerized scriptures and a Buddha Image to Burmese Monastic community, Rangoon, Myanmar;
• The provision of meditation training for Malaysian Buddhist monks:
• The provision of meditation training for monks and staff of the Mahamandala Welfare Organization (MWO), Bangaladesh;
• Co-operation with the Chung-Hwa Institute, Taiwan to exchange study of the arts,culture,language, and Buddhism;
• In 1991, the provision of training for students of the Mahabodhi Society, Bangalore,India;