2022 Mass Ordination Program

Venerable Prakru Vijit-Ar-Pha-Korn, Ecclesiastical Chief of Klongluang District is the preceptor for the summer program of mass ordination in order that the boys can express their gratitude to the parents and learn the Buddha’s teaching.

On 9 April, 2022, Venerable Phrakrusamu Sanitwong Wuttiwangso, Director of the Communication Department, stated “Venerable Prakru Vijit-Ar-Pha-Korn, Ecclesiastical Chief of Klongluang District and the abbot of Sawang Phop Temple, is the preceptor for the summer program of 2022 mass ordination. The ceremony begins in the early morning with the circumambulation of the Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya and paying respect to the Cetiya, followed by the ceremony to ask for forgiveness from parent, the monk robe offering, the request for ordination, precepts and the Three Refuges and the monk’s alms bowl offering.

There are 6 summer programs for mass ordination, which are the ordination programs on Earth Day for phase 1&2, the 49th batch of ordination program for undergraduate students, the 26th batch of Matshim Dhammadayada Ordination Program, the 30th batch of Yuwa Dhammadayada Ordination Program, the ordination program for reviving Buddhism throughout Thailand, the 10th batch of Nor-Kaew-Parian-Dhamma Ordination Program. These mass ordination programs are proceeded under the strict measures of COVID free setting of Public Health Ministry and broadcasted live and online at  www.zoom072.com and www.gbnus.com for the lay people throughout the world.

“The main purpose of this mass ordination program is to cultivate students with the Buddha’s teaching and Buddhist principles during the school summer break by using the learning toolkit/media. Moreover, they have opportunity to practice meditation and are taught / trained of patience, discipline, gratitude to parents, respect, and the way to live in peace with others. When they learn and appreciate how much benevolence their parents have for them, ordination is the way to express their gratitude toward them. The Provincial Morality Promotion Centers organize this mass ordination program throughout Thailand in 2022.” said Phrakrusamu Sanitwong Wuttiwangso.