Being a Buddhism Country Thailand, chosen this way to fight against 2019 Coronavirus (as the land of smiles)

Year 2020 virus spreads around the world, outbreaks are out of control in many countries around the world. This is an inescapable catastrophe, which have changed the daily routine of the people, the stock market has plunged as never before into recession, till now confirmed cases of the epidemic have continue rising, those who unfortunate and fall ill. These are not just a cold figure, but the lives of their numerous family members and friends.

Nevertheless, the catastrophe is still not end, what should we do?  In order to fight the 2019Coronavirus? For the common goodness of the future of Mankind, Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand have call upon every single man who have passion in their life and live together, to join the million people group meditation project, to fight against the 2019 Coronavirus.

In fact, the benefit of meditation has been scientifically proven. Majority of the people are willing to try it, but don’t know how to proceed?

Therefore, we specially share an “everyday 20 mins” guided meditation session, to fight against the 2019 Coronavirus by gathering million people with full power, for everyone.

If those who have difficulty to calm their mind, by listen to guided meditation, could chose by using the mantra “Sa-ma Arahant”. This is a very popular and famous mantra use by the Thai people.

The sound of right auspicious, once every day, relax the body and mind, fill with the energy of happiness: “Sa-ma Arahant”.

We sincerely invite you and your family on 20:30hrs every day, to meditate together, purify your body and mind, purify the world, to fight the epidemic together. We strongly believe that millions meditate for blessing, spreading loving kindness, the disease will gradually vanish, the world will back to its peacefulness, the people could back to their normal lifestyle.

Let be persistence and put in effort together! And share it with the people around us and join us. Everyday 20 mins, it will bound to have a better outcome.