Successfully Complete of Bangladesh and Thailand Joint Organise 1,000 monks Alms offering Ceremony

On the 29th February ‘2020 (Saturday) 0700hrs at the location Ramu central sima mahaviahar,cox’ bazaar of Bangladesh. The monks of Thailand and Bangladesh have successfully joint organise a 1,000 monks Alms offering ceremony. We are grateful to all the monks that gather together to achieve this extraordinary establishment. We would like to share some pictures taken on the goodness perform by the public. In order to share the blissfulness and rejoice the merit achieved. sadhu!

Bangladesh was one of the cradles of Buddhism. Therefore,the Buddhist cultures has a great influent to their local people life’s. Which enable all people regardless of age and sex, to have the opportunity to cultivate their nature with goodness, accumulating of merits. This consider a very fortunate deed.

The stillness of mind become natural, not by deliberately pursuit it. Just gently close your eye and think of the opportunity able to offer the Sangha, which is one of the triple Gem of Buddhism. It would be very blissful.

Regardless of individual status, all gather together. In order to perform goodness, for family and oneself, yet also for extend the life span of Buddhism, which also allow others to be able to benefit from the teachings of Lord Buddha.

We are grateful that the Sangha, would helping countless beings with their great compassion. By take up the role as the field of merits for them.

We are also grateful that the Bangladesh and Thailand Sangha seniors with great compassion. Work together organise this great 1,000 monks Alms offering ceremony.

Every one of us treasure this special occasion, follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha. The Buddhists with perseverance in performing generosity, keeping precepts and meditation. Supporting the triple Gem of Buddhism.

Regardless of the number of offerings, as long we are blissful. It already able to generate limitless merits for ourselves.

In the Dānādhikāra (mahāyāna) sutra, have mentioned that there are five benefits for offering to the triple Gem of Buddhism.  

  1. Appearance is Good looking and Solemn;
  2. Feel full of strength;
  3. With Longevity;
  4. With Happiness and Peacefulness;
  5. With Eloquence.

With the good and firm intention’s on offering to the Sangha, which will enable the offerer to be connect with good karma , alleviate bad karma, elevate the mind on alms giving, able to repay the kindness of parents from every lifetimes, deeply rooted with the supreme wisdom on enlightenment,  able to accomplish the ten paramita, for the attainment of Buddhahood.

May this merit of offering to 1,000 monks, pray that all beings would be perfect, healthy and safe. The country would be peace and prosperity. Early resolution of the plague. Everyone’s mind is pure and blissful.