The Light up of 100,000 Lanterns Blessing Ceremony completed with Perfection

On the 8 February 2020, at Wat Phra Dhammkaya Thailand have completed the annually Magkha Bucha Day festival. In here, we share it with the four main groups of the Buddhism (Monks, Nuns, Upasaka, Upasika) that joining us in the festival. Let us bless all human kinds of the whole world, wishing for world peace, without sickness and disasters. And blessing for China and Wuhan, may the disease [2019-nCoV] be eliminated soon and everyone be safe and happy.

The Most Venerable Dattajivo, light up the main lantern, offering to the Lord Buddha

With the four main groups of Buddhism gather in front of the Maha Dhammakaya Ceitye, meditate together, purify their mind, and chant together, for the world peace, may everyone to safe and happy. At the same time, bless for Republic of China and Wuhan. And all those who suffering now with disease. May all mankind be healthy and safe.

May the light of the lanterns, luminous and shine with bright light toward our mind

Let come together, let the light of the 100,000 lanterns shine toward the night sky. Be the brightness of Dhammakaya, bright and shining, banish the darkness of the world

Shine in the night sky. With the brightness of Dhammakaya, bright and shine, banish away the darkness of in humans and brighten all their life.

The Buddhists from all over the world, gather together joining this Makha Bucha lantern festival. May this brightness shine over all corners of the world, and warm the world.

Finally, the senior monks of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand – Venerable Xian Xing provide everyone with the best blessing, and request all of us to be rational and calm, understand the situation of the coronavirus disease. Let’s work together to fight against the epidemic. Let’s reassure people around the world. Let’s take it seriously. Strict control, self-isolation, but don’t panic, enjoy the day with the family.